Do you play Gambling Games on you Phone? Check out Heart of Vegas!

I am not really much of a fan with gambling games so its probably my first try. Turns out to be fun and the good thing is I don’t lose any real money. Although I hope I don’t get caught when I go visit Vegas this Summer. So what game am I talking about? It’s Heart of Vegas. and yes it is a gambling game like slotomania which I am sure you are familiar if you have stayed too long on facebook.


Just like other games, you start with free coins where you challenge opponents in the hope to win and get more coins. But when starting and if you are like me who have no idea how to win in this kind of games, you will quickly run out of coins. So how do you continue to play the game? Well, you’ll just have to buy more coins. And that is when you start spending your real money in exchange for game coins. It may be way cheaper compared to those in casinos but if you don’t watch what you are doing, you can quickly end up spending more before you know it.

But wait! Did you mention you did not spend any coins? Hmmm… Oh yes I did. I know you are asking that by now.  Well, I guess I’ll have to tell you my little secret. First off, I really was not interested in this kind of games which I think I already mentioned earlier and I am now like a parrot repeating myself again. So how did I get even more free coins to play the game?


You see, my friend Al, invited me to play this game. I told him I am not interested and I don’t like or I hate spending my money on in game apps. So he said not to worry because he will provide me with free coins. Obviously, I was thinking that the free coins I get when I start the game was it. But no, it was not! He had more secrets than I thought. It’s actually no secret but I guess you will just have to be creative and use your head and search the world. Not search the world dumb as*** and travel it. You just use the internet and search for clues. Eventually, he found a good site that provides him free coins through an online generator and so he keeps playing it all over and over again without spending any real money in exchange for hear of vegas coins. And did he share the site to me? Yes he did!

Am I going to share the site to you? Of course I will since you are here and reading this means you have interest in the game and for that my friend, I will reward you with free coins! Now visit this site for the ultimate heart of vegas cheats.

Do you Play PvZ? Check out the new Heroes Series

What began as a striking and pleasant tower defense, has ended up becoming almost a social phenomenon. And I know a lot of people  who knows the names of the characters in this series, including those who have appeared in the sub-franchise Garden Warfare. An example of the popularity so high that has managed to achieve this series so dear and friendly. Just like Super Mario Run, this is also another classic game that has evolved pretty well.


Well, following the success of other recent productions such as the ultra-famous Hearthstone, its creators have wanted to recreate in Plants Vs Zombies Heroes their particular vision of collectible card wars. An idea not very original but in my opinion has been really great, offering fun in abundance and a free to play component quite permissive and not intrusive or unfair.

As in all game of this type that is worth, in Plants Vs Zombies Heroes we must be creating our own deck of cards. And for what purpose? Then we become masters of the garden, which in this case is represented by a flat surface that appears on the screen and which houses five “columns of combat”, so to speak.

At the end of each one of them we must place our soldiers, enablers and others, who are guided by the characters already known (plus new ones) belonging to the two main groups, pitches that have always seemed pretty funny. Each of them has its own characteristics, from its strength to resistance and special attacks, being fundamental to choose those who interest us most in terms of the characteristics of our rivals.

pvz-heroes-iphoneOur objective in each turn is to cause the greatest possible damage to the rival front, being necessary to always keep an eye on the reserves of soles (Plants) and brains (Zombies) that we have at our disposal. And it is that these markers are those that mark us the amount of letters that we can put in game, being one of the primordial elements of each battle.

The pace at which the races flow is really vibrant, especially considering the disposition of this type of titles, and I would say that such confrontations end up being even spectacular, not to mention what they can get stung. In addition to all this is added the possibility of collecting up to 20 different species of characters that we can unlock, while we get dozens of different letters that we can be lodging in our deck, envelopes of letters that We can be getting as we play or, of course, disbursing real money through transactions. But far from being annoying or unfair, this system works quite well and money only serves to gain time or get more letters, nothing more.

As for its playable possibilities, Plants Vs Zombies Heroes has seemed quite complete, although not surprising in this facet. If we play alone (and without needing to be connected) we can solve certain missions for both the curious Dave the Mad and Dr. Zombi. But the most entertaining, at least in principle, is to play against another player, which is the one that has the most potential of all but which at the moment does not work as it would be desirable. That is because the matchmaking does not filter as it should and there are unfair and unbalanced battles, which we assume will be corrected in new updates.


Where we can not put anything against the work carried out by PopCap Games is in everything related to its remarkable graphic appearance. To be a game of his style is very striking and tremendously nice, also presenting very attractive designs for the characters and a clean interface that has been created with great pleasure. The sound goes a little more unnoticed, although the effects are very good and the melodies do not become anything heavy or monotonous, on the contrary.

Super Mario is Back! And its Mobile

It has been announced and the initial release date for the game Super Mario Run is just a few days away – December 5, 2017. But many are still not sure on what platform will it be released. Although the first announcement by its developer was for the iOS but now, it could be headed for another direction like Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.


If my memory serves me, it was on an Apple event and it was on a Wednesday, September 7 when the iOS platform was announced with a direct statement from Kotaku, the develop himself. He even added that it would go beyond iOS and that is why Android users are also very expectant and hopeful. I do hope they will not make the same mistake with pokemon go. Miyamoto Shiguro explained that iOS was the more stable platform plus the number of expected user where they can get a quick and immediate respond to the game development.

Nintendo hasn’t revealed anything about an Android release since then, but hopefully we’ll learn more after the game arrives on iOS. That being said, it most likely could go first on other supporting platforms like Switch which is Nintendo’s own portable console. It could be a bundle strategy to boost sales although the company has not confirmed any of this plans so far.


Both Xbox and Microsoft are very much interested in the game to come to their console adding that it has been one of the very first game that has captivated gamers. With so much memories instilled, there is no reason why it won’t be a big hit.

This could be a clear reason why they want the game taking notice that pokemon was also once the very first game offer to gaming consoles back in the days. The recent release made a massive hit and got global recognition and even addiction. Unfortunately, a few mistakes were made along the way that quickly killed the games momentum.

So I guess we all will just have to wait until December 10 and see where Nintendo will take us. Although the initial announcement was for the iOS platform, we do hope that the Android user will not have to wait too long and be captivated by other games released in the market. Otherwise, it will be just a complete waste. So I am guessing you will probably be looking for some super mario run cheats guide or tricks once the game is released. Let’s just hope the mobile versions will be released sooner.

10 SimCity Buildit Tips and Tricks


Spend your first Money by increasing the capacity of the shops

The money that are given to us can be used for several things, such as reducing construction time or getting materials that we do not have. We recommend using them to increase the capacity of the stores instead of reducing time, since in the long run the improvement is greater. That’s why when you start to trade, spend a few bills to increase its construction capacity, the first improvements are not expensive, so spending 4 bills to increase production is a “gift.”

Sell everything you can when asked

Money is a rather scarce commodity in SimCity BuidIt, so getting it is one of the main goals. That is why, especially when we have just started, it is good to sell everything that you ask the citizens, as the construction times of the first elements are not very large and we can fill our coffers extra. Once we are more advanced we have to monitor more what we sell, because sometimes the ratio time / money is not so favorable towards us.

Create slow objects to sell in the Market when you do not need them

Another good way to earn money is by selling items in the Commercial Deposit. That is why, although you have nothing to build specifically, it is good to let things slow down so you can sell them in the store. This will help increase the money.


Always keep in mind the space between buildings to place public services

When we start, we want to put as many more houses, forgetting at times that we have to provide citizens with some basic services. That is why, before filling an entire block of buildings, think of the space needed to place Police, Fire and Clinics, since it is better to have a couple of houses less but the rest contents that have empty houses and do not contribute nothing.

Getting keys is very important.

If you have played the game for some hours, you will know that our statement seems obvious, but we want to make it clear. We must try, whenever we can, to fill the boat and start catastrophes. The first one will give us a key for each cargo, having the possibility of getting one a day. Catastrophes, unlocked later, will allow you to get up to 10 keys “hit”, so save to be able to unlock the building as soon as you have the opportunity. With the keys you can build specializations to increase the population and get more benefits and level. This probably one of the harder part since you need to complete certain tasks at a given time. And when you complete it, only a single key or two will be rewarded. Good thing there is a site I know that gives out free keys.

Build parks and specializations

The population is very important for the development of our city, that is why we will have to invest in parks and specializations to grow faster. Each time you place a new one try to group the largest number of houses to maximize their growth effect.


Structure your city to separate polluting buildings from homes

When we begin to play, we may not know the importance of the happiness of the citizens, so it is good to think for a few minutes how we want it to be our city. In this way we will avoid having to reorder everything to avoid contaminating habitable areas. That is why only start to build factories and polluting supplies, remove them as much as possible from residential buildings. Later it is good to save and invest our money in building new buildings that do not pollute, so do not be afraid to demolish a few constructions.

Visit often the Headquarters of Global Trade

At times, it is easy to find no way to get the material we need to upgrade the warehouse or unlock a new area of the map, so it’s good to often go through Global Trade Headquarters where other SimCity BuildIt players sell their belongings. It is perfect for buying items that appear randomly on the map.

Meet the needs of citizens to be happy

The happiness of citizens not only allows us to get bigger buildings, but also will give us more money for hours. This is why meeting all the needs of our citizens is vital. Listen to what they say and act accordingly: move away polluting factories, build parks and services around and upgrade roads when they become small. A neighbor is better pleased than a hundred in another city.


Increasing your inventory to store more goods

At first it may seem great, but once you have a few shops, you will see that the demands of the constructions will make you accumulate more elements. That is why increasing inventory is very important. Try to enter as much as possible into the game, because that way you can collect all the random objects that the citizens give you. At some point, it is also advisable to visit Global Trade Headquarters to buy any that you lack.

Extra: What is the purpose of the airport and Japanese residential areas?

If you have reached the level sufficient to be able to unlock the airport but do not know what benefits will bring you we explain: the airport is the same as the port, but instead of keys will give you typical Japanese objects that you can use to build Japanese homes. What is the difference between normal and normal? As these are 20% more population than normal, ideal to further increase our citizens.

November 2017 Video Games I Want

If you thought that November was going to be a quiet month, then you are wrong! From the same day I have enjoyed great video games that in some cases, are already strong candidates to win the Best Game of the Year award.

They are based on great franchises, like Watch Dogs 2, Final Fantasy XV, Pokémon Sun and Moon, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Dishonored 2; But also totally original works of undoubted quality. We talked about Owlboy, an adventure we had been waiting for years; Of the fun Planet Coaster, spiritual sequel to the classic Rollercoaster Tycoon, the beautiful Candle by Teku Studios, or the impressive Obsidian RPG Tyranny that transports you into a dark fantasy world where the bad guys have already won.

There are so many new releases that very possibly some of these have been overlooked. That is why in 3DJuegos we collect in this special The Best of the Month the most outstanding titles of November, without leaving aside side, which has also left us with headlines of the most interesting.


Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4 (October 31)
Developer: IO Interactive
Hitman has successfully passed the test of his format change, and now that it is properly finished and with its first full season, we can say that if you have waited it was worth it. Agent 47 offers us six open mini-worlds and a few assassinations to carry out for a launch that treasures the great virtues of the saga: tactical depth, enormous doses of replayability and that obscure professional elegance of its protagonist to distribute death exclusively among those who Deserve.


Platforms: PC (November 1)
Developer: D-Pad Studio
Owlboy plays with nostalgia brilliantly but, in turn, also bets on innovation. Recover the best essence of the adventures of past times and gives a new twist that feels great. Action, platforms, puzzles, exploration and even secrecy! There is everything in this video game that knows how to surprise constantly. It may lack some complexity in some of its challenges but so fun is the experience, and so much quality offers at the audiovisual level, that this is a journey that few should miss.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4 (November 4)
Developed by: Infinity Ward
Infinite Warfare is not the mess that seemed to portend those who crucified its debut trailer, but neither is it a game to match what a saga like Call of Duty demands. Despite having gone very far in terms of the space environment, I still have the feeling that I expected more changes and that the bet has been half-way and, to make matters worse, multiplayer supposes a decrease of quality with respect to previous episodes . His biggest point in favor are some of the most spectacular moments of the campaign and the fact that, as always, is a pack of contents very compact and able to entertain us many hours. It is not little, much less.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Platforms: PS4, PS3 (November 4)
Developer: Arc System Works
BlazBlue closes the cycle with expected production: the best of the franchise is sprinkled with new characters, an endless story mode and redefining the playable elements that have made the 2D franchise big to withstand the battles that come during the next years. Certainly, there have been many games released so far, but it is no exaggeration to say that Central Fiction is the definitive BlazBlue.

Football Manager 2017

Platforms: PC (November 4)
Developer: Sports Interactive
Football Manager 2017 barely presents new features regarding the previous delivery, and the few that incorporates are of a fairly relative importance. Why so and everything has an 8.0? Because the base is great: So much that is a video game totally essential for those who have not bought it for some years, and also highly recommended for those who do not look for novelties but more of the same but a little better. Addiction and depth in pure state.

Sword Online: Hollow Realization

Platforms: PS4, PS Vita (November 8)
Developer: Bandai Namco
Lovers of the good JRPG can already taste another great representative of the genre that also offers certain doses of innovation inherent in the franchise Sword Art Online. And it is that the combat in real time happen at speeds of vertigo, interaction with dozens of characters is very frequent and it is even possible to play online with three other users. A title as atypical in its kind as remarkable in its execution.